As children we all had dreams of our future and who we thought we'd become.  Now as adults looking back we may realize we are lost in a life that we created far from the dreams we once had.  Or maybe our life has taken some turn that ended on a cross-roads we never thought we'd be at.  

I'm here to guide you towards where you want to go as well as guide you through transformational times where you have become lost on the road of your life.  Maybe you are going through a divorce you never saw coming. Or a dead end job you are afraid to leave.  Maybe you just want to reach a goal you have and need some support and guidance along the way.  

Let me help you through the tough times and towards rebuilding the life of your dreams.  The first step towards success is being willing to change and let go of what is no longer working so you can move towards what is.

Live the life that you want by making choices that are in alignment to where you want to go!

Some of your questions may include the following:

What is coaching and how can it help me?

Coaching is a collaborative, creative, and inspiring process, in which I help you define, speak out loud, and strategically move toward what you really want in life.  Coaching is forward focused and sets out to assist you in moving forward on what it is you truly desire.  I will help you find success as you define it - and deserve it!

How will you help me do that?  Bringing to our relationship my personal, professional and educational experience allows me to utilize many skills in our work together.

  • I listen to you - not for judgment but for understanding
  • I ask questions that allow you to think in new and revealing ways
  • I motivate, encourage and support you every step of the way
  • I share resources that will assist you and provide good information
  • I help you reveal, define and then focus on your true passions and dreams
  • I co-create a supportive structure and environment in your life - ones you can count on. I hold you to your inner highest standard - accountable to your personal best!

Who uses a coach?  Individuals, families, small companies, large corporations!  Coaching is found in every industry and situation you can imagine.  Life provides an abundance of circumstances, coaching provides and abundance of support.

Successful coaching clients typically have just a few factors in common-

  • They are willing to ask questions and challenge perceptions.
  • They are willing to reveal the truth, learn from it and take action.
  •  They have a vision, although frequently clouded, of a better life. 
  • They are highly functioning, intelligent people with a desire to realize their best.

How long should I expect to need a coach?  The average amount of time clients keep their coaches varies based by client and situation.  I request a 6 month minimum commitment from my clients.  I find it allows their success to evolve more effectively since our relationship has some time to grow.  One of my definitions of success is when we endour relationship! Of course, that's because you have more of the things you want - we’ve succeeded.  And most importantly, you’ve got the skills to keep it that way.

What types of things do I work on with you as my coach?  

Having Less: Fear / Frustration / Boredom / Resentment / Disappointment / Doubt / Confusion / Overwhelm / Indecision / Exhaustion / Emotional and Financial Bankruptcy / Self-Sabotage / Limiting beliefs

Having More: Joy / Hope / Confidence / Balance / Abundance / Peace / Energy / Motivation / Clarity / Action / Time / Fun / Productivity / Freedom / Courage / Money

We will spend some time talking about what it is you want to achieve and then put some actions items on your list as homework. You have my resources and training at your disposal - BUT- it’s up to you to use them.  We share the responsibility of this journey together.  I will hold you accountable to your word and remind you we're in this together!