Communication the Forgotten Art Form

With Mercury retrograde this month I have been astounded at how many people lack the social skill of communication.  With life today being the hustle and bustle of "busyness" running here and running there, I've noticed that people look down more than they look up to who or what is right in front of them.  

Last week, I was early to my yoga class.  I entered the quiet studio, set down my mat, and was getting ready to lie down in peacefulness before class. Then a woman on her cell phone, which was on speaker, burst into the studio to lay down her mat while full blown into her conversation thinking nothing of the people who were decompressing quietly from their day. There seems to be a lack of awareness or social etiquette in todays world.  We have lost how to communicate to those around us and wonder why we feel so disconnected and lonely. What's funny is, this phenomenon has become the "norm".  Have we forgotten the importance of human interaction?  Missing opportunities to connect to people that are right there in front of us?  Has communication become the forgotten art form?

If anything this Mercury Retrograde which, signifies issues of communication and delays, has taught me, is to slow down and look up and notice my life right in front of me.  As for communication my message to you is life is too short and if you don't take time to nurture those relationships around you, the time may pass you by.  With Prince's death coming as such a surprise, I realize we may never get that chance to say how we feel or tell someone we love them.  Seize the moment now and call someone you love and tell them how much they mean to you. Practice putting down your phone to say hi to the people walking by and listen when someone is reaching out to connect with you.  You never know what you may receive as a gift in that moment if you're paying attention.