5 Steps to Move your Dream Forward

Taking the first step is always the hardest and it requires us to do something different then what we've done before.  Whatever it is you are looking to create whether that be a trip, a job, a relationship, or more peace in your life everything starts with a clear vision.

Step 1: What do you want to Create? Clarity of Vision

Once you make your decision of what you want to create the first step is to see it, breathe it, and feel it. Grab a couple of pieces of paper and write on the top what the dream is. And then free flow everything you want to create around that dream. If for example you want to create a relationship you would write all the qualities you want in a mate.  Be specific: looks, height, age, do they like animals, what shows would you watch together, what activities would you do together?  What do they do for a living? What kinds of clothes do they wear? What music do they listen to?  What types of friends do they have?  Start seeing them over at your place, laying on your coach, or cooking in your kitchen?  Act as if they are already in your life.

If your dream is to create a business, do you work from home or have an office? Do you have employees?  What is your product or service? Who are your clients? What do they look like? Are they men, women, or both? What's the age range of your clientele?  What types of services do you provide?  How much time do you spend with your clients?

Why is clarity of vision important? Because if you don't see it, it will be hard to create it.  After you write all the details that were in your head about your dream, then take out another piece of paper and summarize the vision in the present tense as if you already have received it. Next, read it twice a day when you wake up in the morning and right before you go to bed so your dream is always on your mind.

Step 2: Put a date for completion

It's important to be working towards what it is you are wanting to attract as well as making a date for success.  That way when you start working on your to do list you are backing yourself into the due date to set you off to a good start.  

Step 3: Make a Mental Download

This is where you write everything you need to do or take actions on towards your goal or dream.  Let's say you want to create a relationship.  You would write down:

  1. What social groups could I join where I might meet someone
    • meetup.com
    • community center
    • local paper for events in town
    • sports team
    • classes
  2. Join a dating website or mobile app
    • Match.com
    • Okcupid.com
    • tender
    • Plenty of Fish
  3. I might want to update my appearance 
    • get some new clothes
    • get a haircut
    • start an exercise routine if you don't have one
    • anything to make you feel good about presenting yourself
  4. take some photos of myself
  5. Communicate to my community of friends I'm looking for a mate

By telling your friends you're available and what you are looking for they can be on the look out as well. You never know who knows your future mate so keep positive and always be pleasant to the people you meet.

This should be the fun part thinking about your dream in detail and getting out what's going on in your head so you don't worry about forgetting something.  You can always revisit this and add or delete things as you get more information.

Step 4: Start making the To Do Lists

This is where you start breaking down timelines for each item and when it needs to get done by.  If we were talking about a trip to Ireland we know exchanging money would be the last thing we would really need to do besides packing but some of the other items may be more time sensitive.  If we were talking about a relationship we might need to join some new social group activities.  I would suggest with dating make sure you are trying multiple things not just online.  Then the exciting part is once it's done you can cross it off your list and watch as that list eventually will grow smaller and smaller.  You may need to revise your list and add things as they come.

Here's an example back to the Relationship

Week 1 - WEEK DATE

  1. Research online dating sites and costs
  2. Join Meetup.com (free) and start working on my profile
  3. Get an updated photo of me
    • Post a couple different photos 

NOTE: Don't pick a photo of 10 years ago when you looked your best that will not help you keep a date just like you wouldn't want someone to do that to you. There is nothing worse then meeting someone who does not look like their photo.  It's deceptive.

Week 2 - WEEK DATE

  1. Start joining some groups on meetup and making a commitment to attend one a week

Remember you can change groups if you're not liking the turnout potential, but keep in mind you are also practicing your social skills and getting more comfortable talking with people.  This could be a practice for the real thing.

  1. Schedule hair appointment
  2. Go shopping for some new outfits - have fun and get creative!!
  3. Join one dating site for 3 months or longer
    1. update profile
    2. select photos to use

I think you get the point.

Step 5: Get into Action with one thing

Get into action every day with one thing that can move you forward towards your dreams.  You can do this if you get stuck re-read your summary of the dream to remind you why you want this!  Keep your head up and use visualization to lead the way to success.  

If there's something you would like to get into action with - give me a call to make an appointment today!