Looking for Your Ideal Partner through Astrology

When it comes to attracting a mate we must first look at what we need and want from a relationship.  First you have to understand yourself before picking a partner to really figure out who would be the best match for you.  Here are some things to look for in your own chart to find out what you want and what you need in a relationship.

Here’s a quick list to look for in your chart.

  • Descendant/7th House Sign – Conscious attraction
  • Planets in 7th house – Characteristics you look for in a marriage partner or long term relationship and or challenges to a relationship (Mars or Saturn in 7th)
    • Advanced Astology – aspects to the Descendant, ruler of the 7th, and planets in the 7th
  • Vertex – unconscious attraction
  • Moon – what you need to feel safe (VERY important to getting your needs met or not being met)
  • Venus – what you need to feel loved and valued as well as what type of relationship you are looking for
  • Smallest degree planet – symbolizes more specifically the type of partner you are looking to attract for the long haul
  • Are these compatible with your moon and venus in particular
  • Also you can look to your total elements, modality and feminine and masculine planets to see what you may be lacking and what you may attract in a partner – I will not be going over this

Let’s analyze the chart above and break it down.  First we look for the 7th house sign which is Capricorn, she would be consciously looking for an earthy type of person who is self-directed, grounded, mature, and hardworking. This person may be older than her by 7+ years or younger by around 7 years and is successful in their job and moving up the corporate latter.

Next we look at the ruler of the 7th which is Saturn and it’s house placement which is in her 7th house of marriage partners.  This tends to indicate that she may marry later in life and again an older or significantly younger more mature partner.  She may have karmic issues in relationship and this time around needs to learn that relationships are handwork and take commitment.  She may have experienced relationships in the past as being restrictive and challenging.  Her lesson is to learn that relationships are not always easy and that she too needs to be accountable and responsible for her part in the relationship as well not just projecting it onto the other person.  Jupiter in Aquarius is also in the 7th house, so she would want to attract someone that is mentally expansive, wise, and gives advice someone that will help her grow and expand within their relationship.

We can now look to the Vertex (Vx) to see what she unconsciously wants to attract or does attract.  Her Vertex is in Sagittarius in the 5th house and Sagittarius is ruled by her Jupiter in Aquarius in the 7th house so she may unconsciously attract a fiery, passionate, and adventurous soul.  Someone who likes to travel and have fun, maybe someone more of a risk taker since her Vertex is in the 5th house.  Ultimately, she will want to take this dating relationship to marriage with her Vertex being ruled by Jupiter in her marriage house. The connection is I date them to marry them.

Next we really need to look at her safety and validation needs and are they compatible with her descendant partner or Vertex partner. She has Moon in Scorpio and Venus in Taurus in opposition so feeling safe and loved will always be a balancing compromise for her.  For her Moon in Scorpio to feel safe she will need deep, intense connection and bonding.  She wants someone will share their emotions with her and maybe someone she can control emotionally.  For her to feel validated and loved her Venus in Taurus needs boundaries, structures and tangible gifts.

Let’s see if she will feel safe and loved by her conscious attraction to a Capricorn type person or to her Vertex in Sagittarius type person. Both planets are in a harmonious aspect to her 7th house cusp.  The Capricorn type will make her feel loved and valued by providing her with security, structure and boundaries since they are both earth signs, though her safety needs of intense emotional connection will be a little harder to meet with the more businesslike Capricorn who is reserved emotionally, but with Scorpio being a water sign and lacking boundaries will feel comforted by the commitment and loyalty that the Capricorn type person would provide.

As we look at her unconscious attraction to Sagittarius by sign to both her Moon in Scorpio and Venus in Taurus there is no compatibility.  So if she unconsciously attracts a Sagittarius type of person she will struggle to feel safe or loved it would be a constant adjustment of incompatibility and not seeing eye to eye.  She would be better off to pick someone who is more Capricornian for a long haul relationship. Sagittarius needs to be there own person and will not like having boundaries and restrictions tying down their freedom as well as the intense emotions, manipulation and power struggles of her Moon in Scorpio would make dear Sagittarius run for the hills.

With advanced skills of astrology you would look to what planets make an aspect to her 7th house as well as any aspects to the planets in the 7th to see how difficult or easy relationships may be to her.

Her smallest degree planet is the Sun at 3 degrees, so she would be attracted to an authority figure, in high position in society, initiates, action oriented and reliable.  Someone who knows who they are and are confident and self-directed.

So these are some points in your chart to look at to see if they resonate with you and whom you are attracted to on an unconscious or conscious level.  Sometimes what we want may not be what we need.