Astrology is a great tool to explore the depths of your needs, wants, how you love, how you feel safe, and even what you are looking for in a mate.  I can also see if there's any issues with getting those needs met.  Depending on the services you are needing at this time.  These are some of the items we will explore together.  

  • Vocation Profiling - what type of work will serve your soul
  • Your Safety Needs and wants (if we don't feel safe we can't let go to love and intimacy)
  • How you feel loved and validated (this is important in a relationship)
  • What you are looking for in a partner and unconsciously may be attracting
  • Manner of communication and what will work for you (important that you can communicate with your partner)
  • We will explore your marriage blueprint (parents marriage) and where you may be doing the same unconsciously
  • Breaking old habits and behaviors that no longer serve you
  • Your gifts and talents and overall personality style
  • Where you shine

If you are looking to explore what you were meant to do and be in this lifetime it's time to set up appointment today!