Tami Magaro has a long history with Astrology.  From an early age she would read her Sagittarius horoscope and ponder a basic life question: Why do people do what they do?  Still intrigued with interpersonal relationships, she grew up to study Psychology at San Diego State, earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Tami has also long been a practitioner of yoga, and has earned her yoga teacher training certificate, which brought her deeper into the experience and knowing of the human condition.

On the journey of transforming her life, Tami discovered that the astrological natal chart holds the key to one’s psyche, gifts, and challenges, and she recognized that Life coaching using astrology was her calling. She then set about learning all that she could about the complicated and fascinating wisdom of astrology. She is deeply involved in the astrological communities including holding an officer position in the National Council for Geocosmic Research – San Diego Chapter.

Tami’s mission as a Life Coach is to assist her clients to transform their lives by helping them see the uniqueness and gifts they have deep inside of them.  She shows them how they can access those gifts and work with the challenges that lie in their charts to create a happier more fulfilling life.